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Kongo’s art is based on lettering, i.e. large colorful spray-painted letters, typical of the writing trend of urban art. During his street art period (1986-2000), Kongo painted huge frescoes, on walls and various other supports, in Paris and its suburbs, and also throughout the world. However, the only remaining traces of his works of this period are photos and films. As one of the artists who painted a 50 meters long and 8 meters high wall from Paris to South Bronx, he was recorded in documentary “Trumac, from Paris to South-Bronx”. He was also included in film maker Marc- Aurèle Vecchione’s documentary “Writers, 20 years of graffiti in Paris,1983-2003”.

Since 2000, Kongo started painting of permanent surfaces. In 2009, two of his paintings were displayed in the Grand Palais museum in Paris as part of the exhibition “Tags in the Grand Palais” organized by art collector Alain-Domininique Gallizia. In 2011, Claude Kunetz, a Parisian art dealer, organized Kongo’s first solo exhibition “De la rue jaillit la lumière” (Light springing from the street). From then on, worldwide exhibitions have been numerous. The frontispiece of the Cité des Outre-mer in Paris is a mural by Kongo.

With this recognition, prestige brands began to commission Kongo for the creation of luxury goods, including silk scarf with Hermès, pâte de verre spray-paint can with crystal manufacturer Daum in 2016, and a limited edition watch with Richard Mille.


  • Amanda Wei Gallery, HongKong 


  • Off the Wall, Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Kongo Mr Colorful Gallery, Matignon, Paris 


  • Painting of a 37-meters-long wall for AXA and Galerie Matignon, Paris
  • La joie de vivre D Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • FenX Noe2 Gallery Stammegna, Marseille, France 
  • Gallery Matignon, Paris, France


  • A Stroll in Paris with Kongo D Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia 
  • J’adore l’Art de rue Ming Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 
  • 2a Bienal International Graffiti Fine Art MuBE, Sao Paulo, Brasil 
  • KOSMOPOLITE Art Tour, Bagnolet
  • KOSMOPOLITE Art tour Amsterdam 


  • “Ne pas effacer” Gallery Wallworks Paris France 
  • One love, Central plaza, Hong kong 
  • From Paris With Love, Gallery 28th February, Singapore 
  • Do not Erase G Dot Space, Beijing, China 
  • Bon baiser de Paris DÃJÃ vu gallery, Shangai, China 
  • Off the wall, Paris 
  • Galerie Wallworks, Paris, France 
  • KOSMOPOLITE Casablanca 
  • KOSMOPOLITE Art Tour Belgique 


  • De la rue jaillit la couleur (exposition individuelle) galerie Wallworks Paris. 
  • Off the Wall Artspace, Helutrans, Singapore 
  • L’art du graffiti 40 ans de pressionisme Grimaldi Forum, Monaco 
  • Graff in the city Opera Gallery, Paris, France 
  • Infamous The Space Gallery, Hong Kong
  • Participation to the exhibition Paris Premiere expose, 25 years of tv channel Paris Premiere, Grand Palais, Paris. 
  • KOSMOPOLITE Art Tour Indonesie


  • Pick it Up Dragon I, Hong Kong 
  • Macrew Galerie Quality Street, Montreuil, France 
  • The Oven Hot The Bakery Gallery, New York, USA 
  • KOSMOPOLITE Art Tour Bruxelles, Belgique 
  • Propaganda Revolution M1nt, Hong Kong 
  • Wall Street Arts, Salihara Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Thomas Works with Kongo 
  • Street Heart Tokyo Art Club, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France 
  • Le TAG au Grand Palais – Collection Gallizia, Grand Palais, Paris 
  • MAC Hexagonade, Nantes, France 2009 
  • FIAC, Cour Carreie du Louvre Galerie Dominique Fiat, Paris 


  • Infusion Bochum, Germany
  • MAC Sous le granit de 68 Kosmopolite, Bagnolet, France


  • Graffiti & Consumption Biennale bi-city Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China 
  • Moleskine Citynotebook exhibition Hong Kong, China 2007 


  • Moleskine Citynotebook exhibition Tokyo, Japan  


  • MAC crew Groeninge Museum, Bruges, Belgium 


  • Ombre et lumire Taxie Gallery, Paris, France 


  • Calli-graff La Laiterie, Centre EuropeÌ•en Jeune CreÌ•ation, Strasbourg, France


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