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Born in Sichuan Province, China,1964

Graduated from the Arts Department of Sichuan Education Institute and the Oil Painting Department of CAFA

Currently lives and works in China


  • Today Art Museum, Beijing, China (solo)


  • Let’s Play Together Art Show, Beijing, China
  • 1st Art Unions Invitation Show, Sichuan
  • 13th Shanghai Art Expo, Shanghai
  • Evolution of Art Show, Shenzhen, China
  • Remember to Forget Art Show, Beijing, China


  • North Southern Force, Beijing, China
  • Desirous Forrest Contemporary Art Show, Shenzhen, China
  • 3rd Asian International Art Expo, Hong Kong, China
  • Contemporary Artists Show, Shenzhen, China
  • Force: Shape International Contemporary Art Show, Beijing
  • 3rd Sino-Japanese Contemporary Art Show, Japan
  • Chinese Contemporary Art Show, Miami, FL
  • Goethe Gallery, Hong Kong, China
  • Bridge Art Fair-Wynwood 2008 (during Art Basel week), presented by ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries, Coral Gables (Miami), Florida
  • Under the Radar: Nine Chinese Artists Interpret the Figure, ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries, Coral Gables (Miami), Florida


  • Times Tag Liao Zhenwu Works Exhibition, Gefeng Art Organization, Shenzhen, China
  • The 2nd National Wind Oil Painting Exhibition, Shanghai, China
  • Water Affection Liao Zhenwu Works Exhibition, Beijing, China
  • Times Tag Liao Zhenwu Works Exhibition, Visual Arts Center, Beijing, China


  • The 19th National New Works Exhibition, Lanzhou, Beijing, China
  • The 7th National Watercolor and Gouache Exhibition, Zhengzhou, China
  • Sichuan Watercolors Exhibition, Chengdu, China


  • Watercolors of Sichuan Seven Artists Academic Exhibition, Chengdu, China


  • Years Trace Liao Zhenwu Works Exhibition, Sichuan, China


  • Liao Zhenwu Watercolor Exhibition, Sichuan, China


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