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Amanda Wei Gallery was opened in 2010 by Miss Wei Li Yang in the Central District of Hong Kong with the intention of bridging gaps between the cultural identity of contemporary artists and art collectors by exhibiting art to the general public and supporting professi

onal artists with investment consultants for potential collectors. As Li Bai find sustenance in poem for his illusory life, the undertaking of art is the journey towards achieving the meaning of life.

The gallery put emphasize on topics such as the development and cultivation of Chinese aestheticism, the legendary creations of history, and aims to establish the pursuit of eastern humanistic spirit.

Taking contemporary Chinese art as its focus, we actively cooperates with different partners and shares the agent platforms. Together with international significant academic institutions, curators, collectors, and art fairs, we enter the contemporary art industry and formulate a versatile and profound business model suitable for the art market.

With sincerity and persistence, as well as an effective combination of brilliant art pieces with spacial creativity, we promote modern and contemporary art work that exudes maturity, independence, temperament, and potential.

The Amanda Wei Gallery collects artworks from  internationally recognised artists such as Lin Fengmian, Zhou Chunya, Yoshitomo Nara, etc., and has worked closely with the Three Musketeers of the T3 International Art District in Beijing: Ye Yongqing, Tan Ping, and Alixe Fu. The gallery is representing the Chinese-French artist Alixe Fu worldwide for the first time to march forward in the global spotlight

to promote international interaction within the Chinese market.

Amanda Wei Gallery is based in Hong Kong with a broad international vision, always encouraging and promoting diversity to the global perspectives about art.

“Passer-byers are the living. The difference between life and death is that between dreaming and waking up.”

(Li Bai, “Spring Evening Banquet at the Peach and Pear Blossom Garden”)