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Qiu Shengxian


Qiu Shengxian




Qiu Shengxian is an established contemporary artist with a studio in Shanghai. The creator of “Mother and Son” and “Fuwa Integration” styles of painting, his expression integrates classical Chinese art with contemporary fashion art expressionism. The artist was born in 1955, in Jiangxi Province and was admitted to one of the most noted art academies in China — Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute majoring in Sculpture, in 1982.

Qiu has held a number of positions in arts and culture: Branch Director of Chinese Artists; Vice Chairman of Chinese Arts Association, Deputy Director of Sculpture Art Committee; Secretary-General of Arts Alliance Association.

Qiu creates a unique rhythm of painting with “Mother and Son” and “Fuwa Integration”, both have become his established signature. These works that integrate the oriental classics with modern concepts have become a prominent feature of Chinese contemporary art. It breaks boundaries set by time and place, tradition and fashion, spiritual and material, logic and contradiction. It subverts the viewers inherent perceptions and promotes a freedom of expression. It shows the infinitely nobleness and greatness of human spirit.

His “Mother and Son” and “Fuwa Integration” bodies of work reach out, with a distinct structure. Not just a feeling of the aesthetic, but also feelings for love and life values, and commentary on human spirit. The influence of Qiu’s paintings has won recognition amongst both public and private collections. His paintings are held by noted corporations and art organizations internationally, such as Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Philips, French Art Academy, H&M, IBM Corporation, Van Shung Cheung Holdings, Liu Haisu Art Museum, the White House of The United States and some politicians including President Obama and former Prime Minister Schroder.


  • “Unparalleled Beauty” Solo Exhibition, Amanda Wei Gallery, Hong Kong


  • Art Solo Exhibition, Berlin, Germany


  • Outstanding Art, Hong Kong


  • Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China


  • Outstanding Art, Shanghai, China
  • Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Shanghai, China
  • Barcelona Contemporary Art Festival “The Year of Chinese Culture”, Spain 2009
  • 13th Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
  • Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Shanghai, China


  • Exhibition of Four Artists, Florence, Italy
  • Outstanding Art Shanghai, Shanghai, China Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Shanghai, China


  • Beijing International Art Exposition, Beijing, China Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Shanghai, China


  • Duo Lan Fang Gallery, Art Museum Shanghai, Shanghai, China


  • Shanghai J Gallery, Shanghai, China


  • Yan An National Art Exhibition, the 60th Anniversary of Chairman Mao 2003
  • Shanghai First Spring Salon, Shanghai, China


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